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We collaborate with organizations, companies, entrepreneurs and governments to drive digital transformation by performing diagnostics of organizations and providing technology solutions tailored to their needs and challenges. Digitalization is not automatic, but requires detailed diagnostics, as well as the implementation of plans, processes and innovation management systems at the organizational level and the selection and implementation of appropriate technologies. 

The digitization process does not occur spontaneously. The diversity of technologies, the type of solutions they enable and their technical specificities are not readily available to companies demanding or potentially demanding technological solutions. In many cases, if companies are not oriented, they do not know how to search for them, find them and select the most appropriate ones.

From Innova Tools we facilitate the adoption of Emerging Digitalization Technologies.

Future and Innovation

IoT (Internet of Things)

we perform implementations of sensor solutions and connected devices, to collect real-time data and automate processes. This includes asset tracking solutions, supply chain monitoring and production optimization, among others.


to all our projects we apply our expertise for the protection of business systems and data from online threats, through customized network security solutions, penetration testing and vulnerability analysis. Because we understand that information today is one of the most important assets an organization can have.

Cloud Technologies

we provide customized solutions for data migration and hosting in the cloud, allowing for greater flexibility and scalability. We can also implement software solutions in the cloud, such as e-commerce platforms and enterprise applications.

Digital Twins

A digital twin is a virtual representation of an object or system that covers its life cycle, is updated from real-time data and uses simulation, machine learning and reasoning to help in decision making.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

we apply machine learning solutions and advanced data analytics, to automate processes and make data-driven decisions. This includes chatbot and virtual assistant solutions, predictive analytics and process automation solutions.

Computer Vision

Is based on an extensive set of diverse tasks, combined to achieve highly sophisticated applications. The most frequent tasks are image and video recognition, which basically consist of determining the different objects contained in an image using techniques such as deep learning or convolutional neural networks (CNN).


we incorporate customized solutions to implement blockchain technology in business processes, ensuring greater security and transparency. This includes asset registration and tracking solutions, identity management solutions and online payment solutions.


learning technique that transfers the logic of games to the educational-professional environment in order to achieve better results. It is extremely useful for incorporating new knowledge and skills among the new generations.



MSc. Javier Parysow

has a degree in Sociology from the University of Buenos Aires, a Master in Science in European Politics and Public Policies at the LSE (1999 and 2000) -for which he obtained a Chevening scholarship from the United Kingdom- and a postgraduate degree in Consulting Services to SMEs (Japanese Diagnosis and Management Methodologies) in Nagoya, Japan, dictated by JICA.

Expert in Innovation Management and Digital Transformation. He is an advisor on Digital Transformation and Innovation Strategies for several companies, startups and governments, as well as Clusters or Knowledge Economy Nodes in different countries. He is a Knowledge Economy Articulator registered with the Ministry of Productive Development of Argentina; Member of the Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Studies (CIEA) of the National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF); professor in innovation management at the National University of San Martín (UNSAM), and Argentine representative to the Technical Committee of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on Innovation Management. He has designed studies for international organizations (CAF, IDB, World Bank, UNDP, ILO, UNICEF). With more than 25 years of experience in innovation management, he has developed a broad capacity to carry out diagnoses and formulate innovation plans that incorporate multiple public and private actors, as well as in the subsequent governance of these projects in their implementation stage.

Martín Torres

has more than 20 years of experience in Information Technology, Data Networks and Information Security. He completed a Specialization and Master in Information Security at the University of Buenos Aires and a Specialization in Cybersecurity at Korea University in the Republic of South Korea through a scholarship from the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Sadosky Foundation.

Academically, he led teams of new IT and Security projects at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires.
In addition, at the University of León - León, Spain he participated in a training in CyberSecurity - Advance CERTs. Threat Intelligence | Intelligence Research | Intell & Incident Response | Malware Analysis. Organized by INCIBE (National Institute of CyberSecurity) of Spain | OAS OAS (Organization of American States).
He was Head of the Information Security Unit at the Presidency of the Nation and led the development of technologies in NIC Argentina where there are projects of national and regional scope such as: Federal Blockchain, DNSSec, IPv6 deployment, Anycast Network, the Official Gazette (all Critical Infrastructure of the National State).

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